Reach optimal brain health & prevent illness

The NEURO PLAN: A brain health course from Team Sherzai!

This is NEURO.

Making changes in your lifestyle can have a huge impact on your mental capacity and minimize risk of Alzheimers and dementia.
Nutrition – A personalized program built for you.

Adopting a balanced, brain-healthy diet leads to maximum mental proficiency. With recipes and tips from the Mind Kind Kitchen, you’ll find this part of your journey simply delicious.

We are researchers. We are scientists. We are doctors. We are Team Sherzai.

We know the value of healthy lifestyle choices and we’ve seen the impact The NEURO PLAN has in making the sick healthy and in taking healthy to the next level. Built within The NEURO PLAN framework, our programs can help you at all stages of life.

Building healthy minds together!

Backed by the latest scientific research, The NEURO PLAN Academy provides groups and organizations with tools and resources to improve overall brain health and productivity. Using the 5 components of NEURO, you will take charge of your health.

A comprehensive NEURO guide at your fingertips!

Utilizing each aspect of NEURO, the BrainXQ App is your comprehensive guide to brain health. Designed to be used in tandem with the The NEURO PLAN Academy, you’ll receive simple tips, recipes and videos to unlock your peak brain health.


STEP 1: Complete the introductory brain assessment and receive your Personal Health Index (PHI).

STEP 2: Work within the app to set attainable goals.

STEP 3: Receive daily updates curated by Team Sherzai to help you take control of your health!

Try the BrainXQ App today and begin your journey to better brain health!
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  • [My interview with Team Sherzai is a] powerful and potentially life-altering conversation that provides everything you need to know about brain health, Alzheimer’s and how to avoid the grip of this devastating illness.

    -- Rich Roll
  • Team Sherzai are the brain experts to follow and implement. Forget all the others. Because Drs. Sherzai care.

    -- Joel Kahn, MD
  • Alzheimer’s prevention starts in the kitchen … Team Sherzai is giving you the meal plan you need to reduce your risk.

    -- Dr. Oz

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