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Small Teams
Your team of 5-19 people can become experts on NEURO with our full support network

$175 / person

  • The full educational master course
  • Workbooks and course guides
  • Dozens of recipes and full meal plan
  • Goal tracking assets
  • Certification options, your team can become NEURO Masters!
  • 1 Month of Brain Health Revolution Community Access
  • CME / CE Available
Larger Teams
Your team of 20+ members can become experts on NEURO with our full support network.

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Includes everything from the other packages plus:

  • Customizations For Your Team
  • 1 Month of Brain Health Revolution Community Access
  • CME / CE Available
Design the ultimate in depth action plan for your diverse team.

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Includes all of the options for NEURO Academy and custom programming. Additionally, organizations and corporations may choose to add:

  • One-on-one time with Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai
  • Speaking engagements
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

...and whatever else is needed to achieve your goals!

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Small Teams
Larger Teams
NEURO Academy
Full Educational Courses
8 Hours Of Video Training
Signed Copy Of Book
Meal Plan
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Quick Fact Sheet
Techniques for NEURO
Goal Tracking
1 Month of Brain Health Revolution Access
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Find Answers Here
Can you support organizations larger than 10K people?

Yes! If you have an organization larger than 10K, select the Custom Package and we can evaluate your needs, then tailor a package around them specifically. Team Sherzai has delivered custom programs and engagements for the likes of AT&T, John Hancock, and CALA. Our tools and programs are flexible and efficient, whether you have 10 people or 10,000! We also offer unique package options for Non-Profit organizations.

How interactive is this program?

Each program is comprised of varying learning tools. We offer video tutorials, workbooks, online support groups, infographics and more to compliment the array of user learning styles.

Can we use The NERUO PLAN App if we don’t have smartphones?

We offer a desktop version of the app at

What can NEURO Academy do for my organization?

NEURO Academy will help you and your organization build positive habits that unlock lasting mind and body benefits. The courses are offered as an additional benefit or presented as a health based initiative. Help fight burnout and supercharge your workforce by learning how to reduce stress, sleep better, eat healthier, and sharpen the mind. By introducing your organization to NEURO Academy, you are contributing to a healthy work environment that supports top talent.

Does age matter?

NEURO Academy empowers people to take control of their brain health, regardless of their age or physical capabilities. While prevention is most effective when practiced from a younger age, it's never too late to build healthy habits that can make a significant difference in your day to day life.

How is NEURO Academy delivered to my organization?

The members of your organization receive access to NEURO Academy by utilizing our digital platform. Setting up accounts are simple and fast. Once accounts are created your team will have immediate access to our online courses and tools. We'll walk them through every step of the way as they learn and practice the key elements of optimal brain vitality.

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